Reform The Design Review Board

The City’s Design Review Board (DRB) is out of control. 

There are no fixed guidelines for the DRB.

The DRB can reject your project for any reason or no reason at all.

We believe the City needs to adopt a fixed and objective set of rules that homeowners can use to design their properties. Only those projects that exceed the fixed guidelines should require DRB approvals.

Fast-Track Approvals for Business Property Renovation


It currently can take more than a year to obtain permits for remodeling or opening a new commercial business to the public. The process is too expensive and befouled by arbitrary and unnecessary City rules.


This long and expensive process has resulted in a growing number of rundown commercial buildings along PCH and downtown.


Liberate Laguna supports a fast-track for business owners to get through the process quickly and inexpensively.

Repeal the Historic Preservation Ordinance

Laguna Beach has a Historic Preservation Ordinance that places severe restrictions on remodeling older structures. These are precisely the homes and buildings in most need of repair. This means buildings in the City are deteriorating and gradually becoming blighted.


Liberate Laguna supports repealing the Historic Preservation Ordinance. We believe homes should be on a historic list if and only if the homeowners so desire.

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